Patient Rewards


            Wooden Nickels

​       Rules and Regulations

You may earn up to 4 Wooden Nickels at each visit based on your overall appointment.


Refer a Friend and earn

50  Bonus wooden nickels

How can you earn Bonus Wooden Nickels?

  1. Refer a friend to our office!! (50) Wooden Nickels will be awarded after the new patient’s examination appointment – be sure they tell us who referred them to us!!
  2. 3 Wooden Nickels will be given if you bring in the signature of your dentist or hygienist on your appointment card after a cleaning and checkup!
  3. Proof of involvement in extracurricular activities!! Anything you do to better yourself!! 1 Wooden Nickel per new activity!!
  4. Good grades: Earn 1 Wooden Nickel for each “A” on your report card!! (Maximum 5 Wooden Nickels per report card)
  5. Perfect attendance to Orthodontic appointments!! (10 Wooden Nickels at the end of treatment)
  6. Like our office Facebook page= 10 Wooden Nickels
  7. Post a smiling selfie on our Facebook page for 30 Wooden Nickels. You can also receive 10 additional wooden nickels for wearing elastics in your photo (only for those with elastics as part of treatment/elastics must be visible) ONE TIME ONLY!
  8. Check-in and/or write a status while at your appointments= 5 Wooden Nickels


Rules on Receiving Wooden Nickels:

  1. Your Wooden Nickels are your responsibility! Just like real money, if you lose them, they’re gone!!
  2. Wooden Nickels are only awarded on scheduled visits for regular treatment!! Walk-ins or emergency visits DO NOT APPLY!!
  3. Wooden Nickels can be collected while patients are in ACTIVE treatment only.  When your braces or appliance are removed, you will no longer be eligible for Wooden Nickels.
  4. The number of Wooden Nickels you can earn at each appointment is up to YOU!!
  5. You will receive 0 Wooden Nickels for poor brushing and/or broken braces/appliances. Keep those teeth CLEAN!!



Wooden Nickel Store

What You Can “Buy”:

15 Wooden Nickels:        Crest Spin Brush, or Dr. Stofko Sports Bottle

40 Wooden Nickels:          $15.00 I-Tunes Gift Card          

50 Wooden Nickels:        $20.00 Target Gift Card

                                          $20.00 Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card        

                                          $20.00 Amazon Gift Card   

                                          $20.00 TJ Maxx Gift Card   NEW


65 Wooden Nickels:         $25.00 Wal-Mart Gift Card

                                           $25.00 Target Gift Card    

                                           $25.00 X Box Gift Card    NEW

                                           $25 PlayStation Gift Card   NEW

                                $25.00 Kohls Gift Card   NEW    

                                           $25.00 Giant Eagle Gift Card (can be used to

                                            buy the gift card of YOUR choice via Giant Eagle)

100 Wooden Nickels:       Extra Set of Clear Retainers

150 Wooden Nickels:       Fujiflim Instax Mini 9   NEW

250 Wooden Nickels:      Bose Sound Link Micro Speaker         

320 Wooden Nickels:      Kindle Paperwhite   NEW

400 Wooden Nickels:      Fitbit Versa Lite    NEW

515 Wooden Nickels:      $200 Amazon Gift Card     NEW

620 Wooden Nickels:      $250 X Box or PlayStation Gift Card    NEW

750 Wooden Nickels:      Nintendo Switch            


*Please let us know if you’re working toward a particular prize so we’re

sure to have it in stock when you’re ready to redeem your wooden nickels!

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